The Pursuit of Happiness
Once in awhile a tool comes along that greatly expands human awareness and ability.
Consider: The Library - The Telescope - The Microscope - The Internet

Scientists have learned that when we are in “seeking mode”, our brains are squirting out dopamine, a “feel good” chemical. This accounts for compulsive shopping, online courtship, game hunting, and amusement parks for kids. It also explains why cats seek birds and mice they don’t intend to eat. It’s the mere process of seeking!

We are advocating a new kind of seeking experience in a revolutionary and very stimulating setting. Not only will it provide deep pleasure and endless satisfaction, it may also prove to be the next step in our evolution as a species.

Try to visualize a “shopping lifestyle” that goes beyond “stuff.” See a way of living in which you are seeking your most tender, unique, and precious inborn talents. See yourself being drawn to the activities you love and then fulfilling your heart-felt desires for becoming all that you can be. Imagine pursuits that lead to discovering, being amazed, experiencing connection, feeling empowered, doing projects, creating, inventing and designing needed products and technologies.

“It is not the pursuit of happiness, but rather the happiness of pursuit that is most likely to yield the greatest gratification.”  ~ Ashley  Montague

Each one greatly opened eyes to new understanding. Each one expanded possibilities and inspired creative energies.

A new tool is being brought forth for the benefit of humanity. It, too, will open eyes to new understandings, expand possibilities, and unleash floods of creative power.

Changing the World By Changing the Way We Learn

When the majority of people on the globe are finally free to learn in a safe, interactive dynamic environment, these changes will be seen:
"Why should we all use our creative power…? Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compassionate, so indifferent to fighting and the accumulation of objects and money." ~ Brenda Ueland
  • Brain-power will replace “brawn-power,” and enlightened leaders will wish to facilitate, not dominate.
  • Problem solving to prevent ecological disasters will be welcome challenges to intelligent and skilled learners.
  • Plagues and diseases around the globe will be totally eradicated as sound research shows the way.
  • World hunger will be a thing of the past.
  • People will be immensely more joyful, energetic and enthusiastic. Mental health will improve.
  • Children growing up feeling free, understood and cherished can be persuaded to see and respect the divine in others.
  • This respect will flourish and give rise to true cooperation.
  • Meaningful relationships with mentors and masters will usher in quantum leaps in dynamic learning.
  • A vital new sense of community will arise. Crime and drug use will dramatically decline.
  • Fear will diminish as we realize that there IS enough to go around, because it really is possible to do more and more with less and less.
  • Invention, creativity and technology will provide more than enough to go around. Greed and “greed lock” will disappear as people discover their inner riches and no longer feel empty and frantic.
  • The world will be more peaceful when people are absorbed by discovering, creating and inventing.
  • A network of learning centers linked to the World Wide Web will begin to build a true global community.
  • Greater understanding of outer space, climate factors, physics, chemistry and geology will begin to make life on our planet more sustainable and stable.
  • Because the learning center will incorporate the highest values of beauty and order, children exposed to these things will come to expect and desire them in all of their environments.
  • Cultural understanding will spread as learners travel the earth on learner-center sponsored field trips.
  • Health will greatly improve for all as people learn to make good choices in diet and exercise that boost energy and prevent disease.
  • Freedom will finally spread to the last oppressed humans on earth: the children. Raised with freedom and respect, they will never seek to control or enslave others.
Does all of this sound like pie in the sky? It is not. It is time for a simple choice for either utopia or oblivion. It is time for a decision and action.

Gradually, employment and the economy will change profoundly. Jobs will no longer entrap employees, causing staleness, dis-ease and lack of inspiration. People will work with delighted enthusiasm in win-win situations while mastering needed skills and moving up, down or over, to the next step of their personal journey of self-actualization.

Does this signal the end of capitalism? Not at all.
While it does signal the end of unconscious consumerism and hoarding, it is the exciting beginning of a highly conscious, creative capitalism that brings us what we really want and need, and what is good and healthy for our own development and that of the planet.

There is truly one type of revolution that all people, all cultures and all forms of government will embrace, and that is revolution by improved technology that makes life happier, healthier and more successful for all. 
If we fully accept our original hardwiring for joyous discovery, amazing creativity and a natural bent to learn and master, we may usher in, for Planet Earth, a golden age unprecedented in its brilliance.
"Do you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future?" ~ Deepak Chopra