Changing The World...

Here is tell-the-truth boldness in a book rich with personal stories, humor, the wisdom of great quotes, and sound research. This exciting and unforgettable vision with a solid plan for its achievement is bound to change not only your perceptions, but perhaps, even your life.

Breakthrough To Brilliance

"The book is radical and wonderful - a big new vision that strips away a hundred years of varnish over how human beings really want to learn, and creates a life-long leaning world that forms the heart of a community."
-- Gerald Sindell, Author of The Genius Machine
Founder of Thought Leaders International. Tiburon, CA

"The problem: American education. The solution: Let's think way outside the box that we're stuck in. This book proposes a radical departure from the "same old," which has plagued us for so long, proposing instead a pursuit of knowledge that is steeped in respect, excitement and freedom...a compelling argument for truly radical change. This book offers a solution that will transform education – and even our way of life and of relating to each other."
-- Dr. James Lawler, PhD
Head of University of Tennessee Psychology Department

"I am not easily won over, but here I must concede that Hamilton has channeled a vision: one that may be crucial to our evolution. The liberating alternative offered here will be the basis, not just for individual growth, but towards a healing of many of the problems of humanity."
-- Sandee Rose
Former Logistics Supervisor,
SONY Corporation
Knoxville, TN

"I can only compare your manuscript in polemic power to Deschooling Society by Illich. Your grasp of pedagogy is stunning and articulate. Your vigor, energy and unflinching truth need an audience."
-- Dr. Douglas Cox, Ph.D.
Founder and President of eGroup Inc.
Psychologist, Maryville, TN