Babies, undefiled models of our immense potential, learn as naturally,
joyfully and as unselfconsciously as they breathe, yet why do we slow
this zest for discovery from a torrent to a trickle?

This easy read, packed with startling new research about the workings
of the human brain and sidebars of powerful quotations, reveals the
overlooked but disastrous fatal flaw of traditional schooling. It confidently
presents a wholly new, inspired vision. Profound truths emerge, the fog
lifts, and clear light brings energy for immediate action.

The story is also personal, coalescing from the author’s degrees in the
field and from her years as classroom teacher, school board member,
businesswoman, world traveler, researcher, director of Hamilton Learning
Foundation, and perhaps most importantly, mother and grandmother.
From her varied life experience has come this fresh concept for absorbing
knowledge, as well as a preliminary blue print and solid plans for financing.

Is this "The Next Big Thing"? We sincerely believe so. It will spark creative
financial partnerships of capitalism and philanthropy to move our planet
toward a higher form of civilization, transforming lives with enriching and
exciting new ways for all ages to learn and earn.