BREAKTHROUGH TO BRILLIANCE: Changing the World by Changing
the Way We Learn
begins with the reminder that human beings are
hardwired for constant, highly enthusiastic, pleasurable, and energetic
learning, the utter miracle of which can still be seen in babies. This
style of learning requires no force, threat, subtle coercion or external
rewards. Babies do it as they learn to crawl, talk, walk and absorb their
environment - basically on their own, by discovery, experimentation,
repetition and persistence.

Yet tragically, this lovely, bubbling fountain, meant to course in free-
flowing, life-giving streams of understanding and invention, has been
tightly capped, disabled and slowed to a dribble. The resulting stagnation,
causing chronic boredom, emptiness, dullness, anxiety, aimlessness,
passivity, and confusion is shamelessly destroying vast amounts of
human genius, so desperately needed in this time of global challenges.
The result has us shuffling and stumbling when we should be sprinting
and soaring.

Part One examines this problem, especially the fatal flaw inherent in all
compulsory forms of schooling.

Part Two examines the hardwiring of humanity and the way babies, our best model, actually learn. It also looks into the important things we are losing.

Part Three is about traditional education, its fatal flaw, and its resistance to change.

Part Four is an explanation and tour of "The New Model" complete with a
question and answer section, a discussion of important concerns, detailed drawings and specifications, and the features available for all ages.

Part Five examines a global perspective for this proposal as well as the human relationships that will evolve to produce a better world.

Part Six explains the plan, including the financial structure for how to bring this plan into reality