Full Tilt Learning :

What passes for “learning” in most traditional schools is the rote memorization of cold, sterile facts in order to pass a test or complete a workbook.

The learning advocated by HAMILTON LEARNING FOUNDATION is as different from “education” as warm rain is to frozen ice.

This kind of learning:

  • Is freely and joyfully sought out by the learner
  • Is encountered with keen anticipation
  • Meets a real need or strong desire
  • Is deeply experienced
  • Becomes clearly understood
  • Is never forgotten
  • Becomes a part of the learner
  • Brings feelings of accomplishment
  • Is utilized in real life situations

We strongly advocate a learning environment that is immersive which:

  • Is beautiful, rather magical, interactive and rich with possibilities
  • Challenges and engages the learner’s potential
  • Imparts deep understanding, both sensory and intellectual
  • Offers delightful discovery along the way

And the effect upon the learner is that:

  • The entire body and all senses of the learner absorb and fully experience the environment
  • The experience frequently causes joy and wonder
  • It often produces smiles, laughter and even ecstasy
  • It links the learner into the universal creative energy

When immersed in an exciting and new environment, the learner:

  • Begins to acquire a new vocabulary
  • Discovers new tools
  • Experiences new ways of reacting
  • Soon figures out his/her new role
  • Adapts appropriate new behaviors
  • Forms hundreds of thousands of cross-links between other groups of knowledge

The immersive experience gives rise to desires for more and more, progessing from one stage to the next:

Every discipline can be made into an immersive environment where the learner may freely explore, experiment, discover and absorb. Our newly conceived design for a comprehensive, interactive learning center will make this dynamic synergy possible.

The immersive experience has a built-in self-corrective element of failure (one of our most important learning tools) so that one may immediately receive necessary feedback and make needed changes. Babies do this kind of learning routinely and grow mentally by leaps and bounds in the process.

Recent scientific breakthroughs have profound and exciting implications:

  • Knowledge is not assimilated in isolation from real life experience. It is constructed bit-by-bit, concept-by-concept, one sensory experience at a time.

  • Emotional memories are acquired rapidly and persist for years, unlike dry, factual bodies of information.

  • The brain is not the only place where memory is stored. It is also stored in cells, organs, tissues, and especially muscle tissues.

Traditional education has evolved in ways that have been haphazard, mechanical and oblivious to science and nature. Now is the time for mankind to implement insightful, wise, enlightened and deliberate designs for learning, including the first immersive environment for all ages.

“What does not exist in the environment will not develop in the child.” – Shinichi Suzuki