Hamilton Learning Foundation Mission Statement

We're engaged in:

  • Conducting continual, ongoing research into the dynamics of true, enthusiastic learning.
  • Staying abreast of cutting edge scientific research about the human brain, as well as the psychology and physiology of learning.
  • Refining plans for the first prototype model of the ideal learning environment and continually upgrading, improving and redesigning the learning environment as new insights emerge.
  • Designing, patenting and trade-marking furnishings, fixtures and appliances appropriate for the prototype model.
  • Publishing books, articles, explanatory documents and films that compile findings and present ideas that will inspire others.
  • Searching out artifacts, learning materials, machinery, software, artisans, masters, mentors and corporate sponsors.
  • Archiving knowledge bits to be absorbed in the new model environment.
  • Raising funds to build the prototype model, and to provide for scholarships and work/study programs.
  • Engaging in market studies to make possible the franchising of the prototype model.
  • Establishing strict standards and quality control procedures.
  • Planning ways to establish a worldwide network of profitable learning centers based on the working prototype model.