Making It Happen
What might YOU do? Something you would love and enjoy -
Something on your FUN list!
Think creativity!
Forget about THEY (as in “they should do this”).
We are the “THEY.” WE are the ones who must get started.

You might:

  • Provide design ideas
  • Help crunch numbers
  • Provide graphics
  • Provide interior design ideas
  • Be a publicity whiz - get this on airwaves, talk shows, youtube, blogs, facebook...
  • Provide computer skills
  • Help build the fantastic global learning center website
  • Produce interactive learning programs and video adventures
  • Imagine more great ideas for the learning center
  • Be a scrounger to find artifacts
  • Scour catalogs to find best tools, puzzles, games and models
  • Research amazing facts for Wonder Walls and Mystery Walls
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions
  • Do a million other things...
Your talents and skills are needed! You can sign on, plug in and offer your unique abilities.
Here is a mathematical miracle:
If so, you could consider providing funding.

The proper infrastructure is already in place.
You can lend encouragement and support, either verbally or through the written word.

Maybe you are a heavy hitter with deep pockets.
You can donate a lot of time or just a little.
Maybe you are someone with personal magnetism.
Or great connections.
Below is “the pyramid” showing how this enterprise is to be structured:
Franchises of the Prototype
A For-profit Management Company
Sponsoring Corporations
Individuals and Foundations
Design, content, quality control & scholarships
If you start with one tiny match, making a very small light and light a candle with it, soon others can come by and take some of your fire to light their own candles.
But the taking does not diminish YOUR fire. Instead, the amount of light doubles each time.
Theoretically, it would be possible to illuminate the entire world
with only one match!
"Things do not happen. They are made to happen." ~ John F. Kennedy