Mankind is mysterious.

Are we one of God's or the universe's great experiments? Is it by accident that we found ourselves on a planet without even a small instruction book to guide us, forcing us to learn and discover as we go and thereby develop the software of our brains?

Some people think perhaps humans are not really so special among the species anyway. We take exception with that outlook.

What other species has invented alphabets, number systems, a music notation system? Which ones have founded great libraries and museums or invented steamships and rocket ships, or found ways to transmit sounds and images across thousands of miles? Which ones have figured out how to build tall buildings, great bridges or superhighways? Which ones have discovered their own DNA or their own IQ? Which ones compose great symphonies or create magnificent works of art?

Did you know that the human species is the only one on earth that laughs out loud? (The "laughing hyena" doesn't really laugh.) Babies begin giggling at 4 months old.

Did you know that the human brain has 100,000 miles of blood vessels and produces 10-23 watts of power when awake? Enough to light a bulb!

The four links above will help you gain perspective about the fantastic truth and the tragic diminishment that happens because of "schooling".