Founders & Executive Council

The Hamilton Learning Foundation, established in 2009, was named in honor of the late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Barton Hamilton Jr., the beloved parents of four siblings who wish to carry forth their names and values. Always supportive of their children’s dreams, they inspired them to believe they could do anything.


Brenda Hamilton
A visionary, life-time student of human potential, with high energy and great curiosity, Brenda is author of BREAKTHROUGH TO BRILLIANCE: Changing the World by Changing the Way We Learn and THE PINK SLIP CURE: Bouncing Back & Landing A Better Job. She was vice president and treasurer of Hamilton-Daniel Career Institute and founder of The Hamilton Learning Foundation. She is also an artist, musician and world traveler. With her master’s degree, she takes herself lightly but her work very seriously. She has three children and six grandchildren.


Margaret Hamilton Sanchez
Jenny shares her sister's visions and enthusiasms. She eagerly assists by providing a sounding-board, advice, editing skills and imagination. She has two children and is also a world traveler. Her writing and photography have received awards and she is currently at work on a children's book and a non-fiction journal.


Jennifer H. Calvert
Self-described as an expert in “sloth aerobics,” Margie is a puzzle solver of renown who brings knee-slapping humor and keen insight to any situation. She also has a passion for the safety of children in this often perilous world. Former international airline flight attendant, she now lives in California and has one son.


Samuel Barton Hamilton III
Uncommonly skilled in technical “know how,” Sammy brings to the table needed insights and innovative solutions. His quick wit and easy- going temperament provide perspective and keep the ship on an even keel. Problem solving and trouble-shooting are his long suits. He is president of his own company and has four children and eight grandchildren. A sound- technician for musical performances, Sammy is also an expert drummer.
Marie Ogle Hamilton provided the wisdom that comes from many years of child rearing, homemaking and running a successful business with her husband.  She also was widely read in the fields of history and science, especially physics. She had flown an airplane, mastered water ski jumping, and was the business partner with her late husband, Samuel B. Hamilton, Jr. She always took the long view/the broad view from the perspective of outer space and eternity. She thought outside the box, saying “If you think inside the box, it puts a lid on your thoughts.”
The four siblings are an unusual team, each so different, but with a common (uncommon!) upbringing, very long track record of harmonious interactions, mutual respect and wholehearted allegiance to each other's goals. They all share an unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity.


Marie Hamilton
Samuel B. Hamilton Jr.
Samuel Barton Hamilton Jr. was a multifaceted, successful businessman with a scientific bent and a zest for life. He enjoyed piloting planes, driving Chris Craft speedboats and water skiing. He was an early southern ski jumping champion and an avid outdoorsman of athletic build. A tough and tender man, he loved to read poetry aloud to his family. He delighted in helping people learn, especially to acquire skills they never would have believed they could master.