The Unvarnished Truth

  • The human potential for learning is awesome.
  • Babies and toddlers are our best models of how learning is meant to take
    place: constantly, joyfully and as unselfconsciously as they breathe.
  • Great amounts of freedom are needed for memorable learning: freedom
    of movement, freedom of choice and freedom to seek.
  • Failure is a natural and crucial part of all true learning.
  • Human life strongly wants to understand all things and put everything
  • Genius emerges when individuals are free to pursue their own interests
    for their own purposes.
  • The impulse to learn is one of our strongest drives, and is the key to our
    greatest happiness.
  • One moment of breathless wonder is worth five hundred pages of
  • The person who has learned to seek and find intrinsic joy has no time
    and no desire for aggression.
  • Man was born to create. When we create, we are fully alive. Traditional
    education shatters the state of mind needed for creativity to flourish.

  • AND

  • Because "education" destroys joy, freedom, wonder, creativity and love
    of learning, it must be replaced.
  • Th U.S. is spending $2.55 trillion dollars every three years to lay waste
    the human potential.


  • It IS possible to create environments where learning can take
    place naturally and delightfully.



(drum roll please!)

It is time for philanthropy and free enterprise to combine
forces to produce a prototype model to demonstrate how
brilliance can be nurtured on a global scale.

“Truth is always subversive.” ~ Anne Lamott