It's amazing how much we can learn from seeds, bulbs and pods!


are all seeds...


“Nature cannot be fooled.” ~ Richard Feynman

Nature is subtle, mysterious, and often surprising.
Ugly things often turn beautiful and beautiful things often turn ugly.

Who would ever imagine that you could start with these:
And end up with these!

Every seed must find a rich soil... 

And every person must find a place to grow...

Like this?
Could we take a tulip bulb, put it in a box with a gardening book and expect a glorious bloom?

Will a person confined to a box, given a textbook, perhaps coerced and threatened, produce a magnificent bloom?
Nature will not be fooled...

That tulip bulb in a box may look normal for quite a long time, but it will not grow.  It will begin to shrivel on the inside.

Haven’t the seeds of humanity been packed away in the tight, stuffy places called classrooms for long enough?
Isn’t it now time to prepare a lush and fertile soil and allow them to brilliantly bloom for all to enjoy? First, take them OUT OF THE BOX.

Then prepare a wonderful SEED-BED, full of all things needed for optimal development.

For people, supply beauty, order, safety and efficiency. Add wonder, curiosity, discovery, joy, investigation, imagination, repetition, experimentation, creativity, invention, pleasure, confidence, mastery and LOVING CARE.

And then wait patiently. Prepare to be amazed.
Remember, nature is unbelievably generous. From one tiny seed comes an entire tree. From one tree come many nourishing gifts. From there, the miracle is infinite. "Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but who can count the apples in a single seed?" ~ Robert H. Schuller

Within each seed is magic, magnificence and glory.
Within each small human being, no matter how pitiful, there is also magic, magnificence and glory.
One last important point about seeds is that they must be free. In humans, just as in plants, there are mysterious, subtle, delicate processes at work. Do we use coercion? Pull them up to make sure that they have roots? Close them away from light and air, insisting that they grow faster? Try to make every variety bloom at the same time or try to make an onion into a daffodil, or a zinnia into a rose?
“How does the meadow flower its bloom unfold? Because the lovely little flower is free down to its root, and in that freedom bold.” William Wordsworth