The Need To Control

Spaceship Earth:

An Unconscious Habit:

Click here to learn more about the horrifying practice of Chinese Foot Binding.

Warning! Graphic images - Not for the squeamish...
Chinese foot binding was practiced for over 1000 years... It is estimated that more than one billion little Chinese girls had the bones in their feet broken and bound up tightly, suffering excruciating pain and torture. Swelling, bleeding, infections, gangrene and death often resulted. Even if the child lived, it would result in a stoppage of growth, numbness, a lifelong disability and a totally twisted deformity of the feet. This practice was used to physically produce subservience, dependence and a complete loss of freedom.

Unnoticed and unacknowledged by most, what humanity has done to the human brain through “education” also involves pain, torture, stoppage of growth, numbness, lifelong disabilities and twisted deformity. It also produces subservience, dependence and loss of freedom. Strangely, once such a practice takes root and goes on long enough, the culture comes to accept it as “normal” and no longer can see the evils of it.

“Most cruelty comes from thoughtlessness or inherited habit.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

As we view earth from space, it is easy to see that we need all the kindly respect and brainpower we can get to ensure smooth sailing.
The result is the tragic damming up of the most wondrous and powerful force in the universe: The inborn drive to learn.

"The oppression of the child is a gross violation of civil liberties." ~ John Holt
The problem with traditional education is that it is a hand-me-down that we have outgrown. Old historic practices are slow to change, especially the unquestioned control of innocent children.
"We cannot leave the trap until we know we are in it." ~ Marilyn Ferguson
And yet, "the classroom remains a cage, the teacher is the jailer, and the curriculum is the unnatural food being stuffed down little throats".
"School reform" is like putting pretty satin shoes on those pitiful, misshapen Chinese feet, while cranking out more and more human beings in "unconscious hobbling mode" and living quietly desperate lives.