The Baby Way - The Baby As Our Guide:
Their Natural, Amazing and Efficient Learning Style.

Babies are curious about life and reality, eager to get in touch with it, embrace it and unite with it.
Babies use all possible senses to “make sense” of their environment, even tasting their own toes to try to understand them, observing sharply and closely.
Exhibiting relentless drive, they prefer to do most of their discovering alone, without “help” or interference.
They are deeply delighted by the smallest success.
The thirst to discover, seen in their ravenous curiosity, alertness and inventiveness, is seemingly unquenchable.
Unselfconscious, never embarrassed, they like to experiment, can tolerate uncertainty or failure and will keep on trying.
They are willing to go ahead, even when they don’t have complete understanding, even when risk is involved.
To find out how things work, they work on them.
They are eager to gain competence and control over themselves and their environment.
They want to imitate what they see others doing, yet they are experimental in going beyond observed patterns.
They like to experiment. If they can’t do things one way, they will try another.
While serious about trying to learn, they are nonetheless lighthearted, exhibiting great delight.
They simply absorb their surroundings, whether good or bad.

What compelling implications!
What amazing abilities!
What in the world happens to this powerful drive?!
In a word, more than anything else: “EDUCATION” ~
It imprisons them for thirteen of the most formative years of their lives.

Hmmm…The baby way!  “… the adults’ guide to the kingdom of Heaven.”
Do you think that God (or the omniverse) would want us to be this way?

“Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of humanity.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore